Él es el bebé más hermoso del mundo según Instagram

Por: Pamela Farlom

/ Jueves 17 de mayo de 2018

Foto: Instagram

Foto: Instagram

A través de esta red social podemos descubrir perfiles inspiradores, no solamente de nuestros artistas favoritos, lugares alrededor del mundo o simplemente donde comer sino también existen de adorables niños alrededor del mundo y uno que llamó mucho nuestra atención fue el pequeño Kai quien ha conquistado Instagram gracias a su adorable cara.

Ojos grandes de un color azul único y rizos color canela es como este pequeño ha logrado derretir hasta los corazones más fríos a través de la cuenta de la bloggera Bethany Ciotola, quien es su mamá.

Aunque solo tiene dos años este pequeño, ha ganado gran número de fans alrededor del mundo por ser simplemente adorable.

Si te preguntas: ¿de dónde salió tan bonito este bebé? simplemente debes de mirar a sus padres Bethany y Chris.

  – Momspiration Monday _____________________ As a mom, do I think spending as much quality time as possible with your children is a beautiful thing? Yes, of course! But you know what else is a beautiful thing? Also making the time to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with your significant other. I get A LOT of DMs asking how Chris & I keep the romance alive post-babies and my 3 top answers are – 1️⃣ Communication – 2️⃣ Being on the same team and each other’s biggest supporters – 3️⃣ Continuing to date each-other forever. – *A date doesn’t always need to be a full on romantic candle lit dinner at your favorite restaurant, it can be as simple as catching up over a bowl of ice cream with one other on the couch after you’ve put the kids to bed which can be just as (if not more) intimate. – I think good parenting sometimes means making your marriage a priority. Kids feel when their parents are stressed/not connecting with one another. – A few months back Kai overheard Chris & I bickering over something silly and without even raising our voices he knew something wasn’t right. He came over to me, put his arm on my shoulder & said “It’s ok Mommy & Daddy. It’s ok”. Just because they’re little, doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly intuitive. – As for the inevitable parenting guilt that goes along with leaving your kids at home for a date that social media makes us mothers VERY well aware of, instead of feeling guilty turn it into a positive & loving message to your kids. By letting them know you’re excited to spend some time with their dad, you’re leaving them with the message that “Mommy & Daddy really love each other and need special time together too” giving them a positive outlook on relationships and marriage for their own future. – The love between you and your significant other is the foundation of your family. Never lose sight of what made you fall in love with each-other. ❤️   Una publicación compartida por Bethany Ciotola (@bethanyciotola) el

Kai tiene otro hermano que también es muy querido por sus followers, se trata de Rowan, de un año, y juntos son la cosa más tierna que puedes ver en Internet.

“Ok boys, just act super natural for a quick photo, k? Thanks.”

Una publicación compartida por Bethany Ciotola (@bethanyciotola) el

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